Medical Referrals

What Does it Take to Get You Well and Stay Well?

Whatever it is, that’s what we’ll do.

“We work with medical doctors in the community in your best interest. This way, you get the full scope of care you need to heal and feel your best. So, over the years I’ve worked hard to build trusting relationships with those in the community, so we can help you get better, faster.”

Interdisciplinary Cooperation for YOU

“It’s all about helping each other out. So, often times patients like you are sent to me post-surgery for rehabilitation. And, I’d love to help. I’m here to assist your MD as they suggest, and let them determine what’s best for you.”

Certified with years of experience and over 1500 EMGs, Dr. Simon keeps up to date with continuing education and also instruction on how to do proper EMGs.

Examples that Benefit from a Chiropractic + Medial Alliance

  • We cooperate with MD’s to confirm diagnosis such as carpal tunnel syndrome, cubital and radial tunnel syndromes, brachial and lumbosacral plexopathies as well as radiculopathies and myopathies also benefit.
  • “Nowadays, cancer treatment centers often refer patients to chiropractors like me.”
  • “Laser Spine institutes that do microsurgery and minimally invasive surgery want chiropractic doctors to do all their post-surgery rehab, and I’m happy to.”

Referral Process | Are you an MD looking to team up for an EMG?

  • “Give me a call and explain your concerns and your patient’s diagnosis so we have all the necessary information to get started.”
  • Traveling Tuesdays: Dr. Simon travels around with his equipment to visit offices in the area to do EMGs onsite at other offices.
  • Other than Tuesdays, we advise you to send your patient to our office for the EMG.
  • “Then, over the phone – we can talk about your patients tentative diagnosis. We’ll do the EMG study, talk to you about our results, suggest the next steps for the patient and then prepare a diagnosis report and fax/mail you the final results.”

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